​having Healthy hair requires lots of time and patience. a nicely executed braid can give your hair the relief it needs from the damage caused by your daily stress of styling and heat. The bad news: though very useful, a neat and stylish braided hairstyle is not something just anyone can pull off. a braid that is cute and presentable enough for anywhere from the classroom to the boardroom will usually cost lots of time, money, or both. The good news: there's lisa! she is very experienced with most kinds of braids and most kinds of hair. Wondering about her résumé and why you should trust lisa with braiding your hair? well, just take a look at her own hair!
  1. Mirror Shot
    Mirror Shot
  2. Side and Back View
    Side and Back View
  3. Fishtail
  4. Top Shot
    Top Shot
  5. Ready to Go
    Ready to Go
  6. Little Joanie Getting Braided Up :)
    Little Joanie Getting Braided Up :)
  7. Sons and Wedding Braids
    Sons and Wedding Braids
  8. Braids at the Bowl
    Braids at the Bowl
  9. Boxer Braids
    Boxer Braids
  10. Travel Ready
    Travel Ready
  11. Around-the-Side Braid
    Around-the-Side Braid
  12. Joanie, Showing Off Some Different Styles
    Joanie, Showing Off Some Different Styles
  13. Fishtail Selfie
    Fishtail Selfie
  14. More Boxer Braids
    More Boxer Braids
  15. Work Flow Fishtail
    Work Flow Fishtail
  16. Side View
    Side View
  17. Fun Original
    Fun Original
  18. Top View
    Top View
  19. From Above
    From Above
  20. Braids in the Kitchen
    Braids in the Kitchen
  21. More Braids For Joanie
    More Braids For Joanie